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More than 2000 tools specialized for painters are proudly developed and manufactured by the Wooster Brush Company. There are more than 888,000 square feet dedicated to production, warehousing, shipping and administrative duties. Our industry know-how is still unmatched. The Wooster Brush Company has 650 employees with an average 13-year service record. The business provides excellent standards and innovation with every facet from printing, engineering, graphic design and in-house manufacturing.

How We Started

Made in 1851, the Wooster Brush Company became the initial paint applicator suppliers in the United States. Adam Foss founded the business. He relocated from Pennsylvania to Ohio and began the company. He started by creating handmade bristle paint brushes. Original operations were started in a two-story building based in Wooster, Ohio. The paint brushes were then sold door-to-door all over the state.

The company established a modern factory on Madison Avenue in 1909. The structure was 70-feet wide by 200-feet in length. This created approximately three times the floor space they previously held. The Madison Avenue site in Wooster, Ohio functions as company headquarters nowadays.

The business has only elected 9 presidents since Adam initiated it. In August 2010, William S. Fagert took over as the president. He's been alongside the Wooster Brush Company since 1985.

The company has been performing for 165 years. They have reached various industry milestones including:

They invented the Shasta® style brush and the angled sash brush.

The first to offer man-made fabrics for roller covers. Nowadays, it's deemed an industry-standard.

The “Foss-set” practice was invented to cement the bristles into the paint brushes.

Wooster invented the Exploded-Tip® design to generate soft flags along the endings of the filaments.

First business to try nylon filaments to produce brushes for latex paints.

These ground-breaking industry developments have secured The Wooster Brush Company as the highest applicator standard. A lot of the paint industry’s best items have been invented by The Wooster Brush Company. New product designs are offered annually. This company proudly creates more paint applicator materials than any of its high-quality paint assembly competition. “Made in America,” this manufacturer has passed on its practices over a number of generations.

Attributes of an Awesome Brush


Formulated using the best bristles from China, long-lasting blends, quality ferrules, synthetic filaments and supportive, comfortable handles. The Wooster Brush Company primarily banks on the best items from around the globe to produce their products. If they can’t find what they are looking for, they have manufactured their own materials.


The most crucial portion of the paint brush stands out as the working end. Overall performance directly correlates to how the finish, tip, or filament is manufactured. Each paint brush company guards their proprietary tipping methods meticulously since this is what makes the brush and brand-specific.


Examine the brush along the perimeter to discover the taper. If the tapers reach a point, you'll possess more paint control. The tapered filament brushes encourage the paint to flow and establish a more even finish because of better coverage. Pumping the paint on the surface allows improved cutting-in methods to be generated. Level filament brushes or un-tapered filament brushes traditionally cost less; however, they dramatically sacrifice capacity, management and coverage.

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