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Bennett Tools is a family-owned business in Canada. They operate under the Bennett Canada banner. Bennett Tools specializes in making a huge selection of top-notch paint tools that DIY’ers and professional contractors count on. This company commenced in the family garage and grew to become a large corporation. Currently, they manufacture prime Canadian products to offer innovative painting choices for everyone.

The company is committed to pursuing excellence every step along the way. By listening to clients’ issues and supplying innovative solutions, they have the science to create the best paint tools available.

The business recognizes how vital it is to include family values in business judgements and interactions. The business holds an open-door policy at each and every level of management. It is vital to take care of customer and employee concerns. Working through issues as they arise keeps Bennett Tools meeting the industry needs as they evolve. The corporation considers itself to be a family first. We're committed to creating manufacturing jobs in Canada and putting roots down within our community.

Bennett Canada believes in establishing genuine relations with people built on honesty, trust and shared respect. The business is not keen on one-off sales. The team is devoted to maintaining rapport and developing professional relationships that are designed to last.


We want to make painting efforts and home improvement jobs as fun and straightforward to finish as possible for our customers. We consistently strive to give you the most innovative and trustworthy tools in the painting industry at competitive prices. Many people desire “Made in Canada” quality and dependability. Our dedication to painting experts and homeowners allows everyone the capacity to attain perfection with their home improvement painting chores. Superior results are obtainable when you are using the best products available.


Our dedicated team is our greatest asset. The experts who are responsible for manufacturing, service and sales are the central source of our success. Each and every staff member brings a distinctive talent and insightful view to the business. This has helped us to create a wonderfully diverse team that is devoted to developing essential products for the industry and delivering the ultimate customer service.


For approximately four decades, Bennett Tools has delivered a professional standing as a trusted variety of quality painting tools. We have designed solid relationships and are focused on reducing our environmental footprint. We deal with suppliers who promote similar values of looking to deliver the most suitable products while protecting the planet.

Our manufacturing facility is regularly updated to ensure maximum efficiency. We invest in the most energy-efficient equipment and advanced technologies to deliver manufacturing brilliance. Our goods endure extensive testing completed by our own testing team that conducts tests in a temperature-controlled environment and specialized contractors out in the field.


Our research and development workforce designs and produces new products. The team delivers decades of combined experience to create new paint solutions as needed. Bennett Tools operates closely with top global mills to manufacture new paint roller fabric formulations.

Paint treatments are constantly being updated so we test our tools to make certain that our applicators work with the newest paint formulas available on the market. Bennett Canada offers merchandise for painters that are designed and developed by painters to ensure exceptional products that are easy to use.

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