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Trimaco has a complete line of items to help you have great results. We have been committed to assisting you in keep your clients delighted. We offer a full lineup of job site protection items, work surface and personal selection pieces including dust containment, cloths, painter’s tape, protective gear, masking tape and paint strainers. Inspiration for product design comes from our clients’ needs. Confidently perform the job with accuracy and functionality. Trimaco merchandise is available through nationwide distribution.


In 1906, Trimaco began based on originality, integrity, knowledge and client support. Creating products of exceptional quality and establishing positive customer connections are part of their success. Trimaco is a chief in manufacturing paint for disaster repair, flooring, construction, marine, automotive industries and facilities upkeep. A variety of products are accessible for jobsite applications and personal projects.

The company wants to be your one-stop-shop for complete jobsite protection items. Located in Morrisville, North Carolina you'll find plants located over the USA and internationally. They export merchandise overseas in a timely fashion. American plants include Surprise, AS, Manning, SC, Ridgefield, WA and Elk Grove Village, IL.

Around the Clock Support

Trimaco has an organized team of sales, marketing, product innovators, customer care reps and buying department to take care of all client requirements. Their competence is in providing solutions 24-hours a day. The organization specializes in surface safeguards; however, they go far beyond their innovative items.

Our plants are effectively located across the U.S. to deliver products efficiently. We strive to ensure an optimistic, unparalleled client experience. In case you have specific product questions, study the resources pages for more info. Check out our online learning resources including videos, sales sheets and our directory to find the jobsite protection equipment you need.


Which surface protection products are available?

Surface protection refers to blocking damage and abrasions to many surfaces including counters or flooring. These solutions are designed to help any surface stay safe as well as simple to clean. Surface protection can be utilized on stainless steel zones, hardwood locations, carpets, counters and much more. Preserve heavy traffic locations from forklift traffic, water spills, paint, stains and more. Canvas drop cloths, masking paper, plastic drop cloths along with surface shields are a few of our surface protection items.

How to care for drop cloths.

Please understand that not every one of our dropcloths are washable; however, some are. Consult your label. Regular canvas dropcloths can be machine washed in warm water and tumble dried on low. These dropcloths could possibly shrink slightly. Once they are washed, they will often become slightly less spill-resistant as well. These circumstances also apply to the drop cloths which are backed with a butyl-coating, known as the Rubber-Duckie version. The Butyl II drop cloths and also the One Tuff, Stay Put Canvas selections cannot be washed. Instead, work with a rag to wipe up any significant paint spills to stop the paint from drying.

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