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Cabinet Coat perfect for delivering a smooth finish when you want to refurbish trim, cabinets, bathroom vanities, furniture and crown molding. This item is ideal for jazzing up hard surfaces thanks to its excellent adhesion. It can be used successfully on polyurethane or varnish surfaces and can also be applied with no primer. This semi-gloss solution levels and flows to create an extremely durable surface.

Preparation for Surfaces

Surface areas require appropriate preparation to attain excellent results. Make sure the surfaces you are painting are free from dirt, wax, sauces, oil, mold, or any contaminants and that they are clean and dry. Softly scrub the surface with soapy water to eliminate any dirt or residue. If you are eliminating surface wax, a professional wax stripper will simplify the job. Choose a grease or oil emulsifier to deal with slick applications.

Prepping the component may take some time; however, it will considerably influence your overall result. Extract all cracked, peeled, or chipped paint from the formerly painted surface. Use wire brushes, hand scraping tools, electric grinders, sanders, etc. to accomplish sanding. All metal locations have to be free from chips, rust and mill scale. Any type of ruined surfaces which are delaminated require maintenance and sometimes replacement.

Next to the surface you're going to be painting, gently sand the rough paint perimeters. All high-gloss portions require sanding to generate light scratches and a dull finish so the paint can stick on properly. Thoroughly vacuum once sanding is completed to remove all debris or dust.

Best Application Methods

Make use of a paintbrush or a roller in order to apply Cabinet Coat. You can utilize the HVLP method and spray this product but make sure it has been stirred diligently first. Attempt to keep a wet paint edge as you apply by brushing or rolling into locations that were coated previously. This product dries extremely fast and may show brush marks or roller marks if the product is over-saturated. Cabinet Coat is best utilized when the ambient and surface temperature are higher than fifty degrees Fahrenheit and less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not paint when there is any chance of moisture accumulating on the wet paint.

Clean Up Practices

Use warm, water and soap instantly when finished. After thoroughly washing your hands, immerse your equipment, paint rollers and brushes. Guarantee proper soap water disposal follows the safety regulations. A community recycling location usually takes empty and dried up containers. Do some research to find out what your neighborhood disposal conditions are with your sanitation department. Check on disposal options with your ecological department.

Safety, Health and the Environment

Specific air circulation is crucial at all times. Refrain from inhaling the spray mist or sanding dust every time. A fresh air entry is essential for safe application and drying. Don’t enable any of the products have contact with the eyes or skin. An authorized NIOSH respirator is recommended for applying, clean up and sanding processes to save you from dust and spray mist. Ensure proper respirator use by following recommendations from the manufacturer. Wash your hands before and after use and ensure the vessel is always closed once you are finished the application.

FIRST AID Recommendations

Flush with water for no less than fifteen minutes if any solution gets into the eyes. Water and soap can help you clean up if any skin contact happens. Don’t wait to seek medical attention if required. Get out into the fresh air immediately if there's any issue breathing. Seek medical assistance if breathing difficulty continues.

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