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Shurtape sets the highest standard for producing and manufacturing our tape. We appreciate your attention to detail and that you mandate the best. We know that you're committed to completing the next job even better than before. Helping you obtain perfection is something we take pride in. Developed in 1955, Shurtape has implemented the company mission of producing precise results.

Developed as Shurtape Technologies LLC in North Carolina, we're a privately-owned company. Shurtape happily works in concert with many industries which include packaging, painting, HVAC and transportation We're positively engaged with assorted clients and markets and craftspeople that use our tape to get the finest standards.

As the organization grows, our victory remains stable depending on our genuine relationships with our tradesmen and clients. Our committed clients deserve our utmost gratitude. It is the reason why we offer excellent customer service, prompt delivery and products that consistently perform. These are the reasons why we continue to develop, invest and deliver our products.

Shurtape makes strong tape products that have top-notch adhesion attributes. This tape has been manufactured for craftspeople. Specific details enter into every step of the development, manufacturing, development, and the distribution.

Our squad is committed to striving to further improve every tape roll. Regardless, if the unit is for HVAC, packaging, painting, or transportation, we are dedicated to customer service and communication. We stand behind our merchandise and our people.

Our brand is consistent from our goods to our promotion, to our salespeople and our digital footprint. It guarantees to offer the very best quality products. To preserve the Shurtape brand equity, we follow these pointers for brand management:


Our posture is to be “the Modern Craftsman’s Choice.” People are motivated to use goods that share their same values. Each marketing element for the Shurtape brand is in line with this ideal.


Having a widely recognizable product across the USA along with other countries adds to our popularity. Consistency is broadcast via marketing, displays, advertising items and packaging.


Under the Shurtape master brand, you will discover sub-brands that must be consistent with brand voice and stance. An excellent example is ShurSEAL.


The company’s team of Brand Stewards specializes in consistency throughout marketing copy, packaging, advertising, advertising materials and every aspect by checking over each file as it is formulated.

Every Shurtape brand retail solution is put together by The Consumer and Craftsman Group. They stick to established processes regarding review and approval by the Shurtape Brand team.

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