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Paint Extension Poles

Keep your paint roller evenly distributed with paint for optimum delivery. If you are using an extension rod, less paint may help the pole become less top-heavy. By loading the paint roller lightly, you will attain cleaner results with less runs or drips. Using the paint tools effectively will make the entire process simpler. Dry rolling can create patchiness and leave an unequal finish.

Start painting at the floor and proceed upwards along the wall. This will simplify using the extension and decrease the need to adjust the extension length. Using an extension will give you flexibility for painting with assorted extension options.

Just holding the pole the right way will shorten your paint job. When working with a completely extended extension, hold it at the middle to preserve accuracy. Grasp it next to the final section where the midsection segment connects to the downward part of the pole. This control grasp allows improved delivery and places less stress on the higher extensions. To uncover the best control options, use both your hands while raising and lowering the extension.

Be sure not to push too hard while you are loading the roller with paint. Simply guide the roller attentively without pressing too much and invite the tool to do the work

When you load the extension paint roller, secure the final portion at the midsection and the roller at the farthest lower piece you can handle. This approach lets you manifest extension support throughout the paint loading process.

For the easiest access, hold the pole vertically when using the maximum extension until it is near the surface you're going to be painting. Grip the middle and lower pole as near to the top of each segment as you can. Stand near the wall and softly lean the pole to the wall surface to begin painting.

When the roller makes connection with the wall, you'll be able to adjust your grip and step back from the wall to commence painting comfortably. For ultimate control, hold the pole at the bottom and the center while you paint. Using an extension correctly relies on appropriate positioning of the pole to prevent it from being too bottom or top-heavy.

For loosening or securing the collet locking mechanism and the chuck, grasp the pole under the collet while unlocking or locking the extension bit you want to slide. Regulate the chuck up until the sliding pole stops moving. Try to glide the pole post chuck tightening to find out if it will hold. Over-tightening the chuck can cause pole problems. Be aware when you're adjusting.

Keep the extension pole pure from paint debris accumulating inside of the slide. If any paint gets onto the pole, clean it off well before it dries and hardens. Have a paint thinner cloth in the area for oil-based cleaning and a wet rag to handle any latex cleanup. Look at the collet and the chuck before you adjust the pole to ensure they are free from paint thinner or water. For easy storage, collapse the extension to its most compact size. For ideal results with your extension pole, use standard-sized paint handle rollers. Avoid using a long-handledpaint roller.

The extension pole is a worthwhile investment. It is going to benefit you for a variety of tasks and can be reused for many years. It is the best way to accurately paint vaulted walls and ceilings. It will last for many years if you take proper care with cleaning and storing following use. Refrain from needing to carry and climb a ladder by choosing the telescoping extension instead. This painting creation has completely changed the industry.

You can use your paint extension pole year-round to help you accomplish hard-to-reach dusting endeavors like those high window supports and ledges, ceiling fans and vaulted ceiling beams. Have your painting extension situated in an easy-to-locate place for the best access to manage all of your cleaning and painting concerns.

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